Structural problems in Historic Buildings in Cornwall are not uncommon, and if this is something you are experiencing with your property Leslie Cornell Building Restoration Ltd are happy to help you.

Structural movement is usually the cause of structural damage.  Such movement happens all the time in buildings, but the degree of it is usually so small it goes unnoticed.

When the structural movement is greater, developments such as distortion or cracks become noticeable and this could have an impact on the use or safety of the building.

Structural Repairs in Cornwall

Some of the more common signs of structural movement are:

  • Bulging or bowing walls
  • Sagging or bowing of the roof
  • Cracking to window lintels and/or sills
  • Cracking in walls and floors
  • Sticking of windows and doors upon opening and closing.

Some of the Structural Repair Systems we use are below:

  1. Lateral Restraint Tie Cornwall – this is a long stainless-steel tie that is fitted into the wall and secured into the internal floor or ceiling joists for stabilisation.

Structural Repairs in Cornwall

  1. Helifix Helibar Cornwall – this is a helical stainless-steel reinforcing bar used for masonry stabilisation and strengthening.

Structural Repairs in Cornwall

  1. Cem Tie Cornwall - this is a remedial structural repair.  This consists of the installation of stainless steel bars above the arches in order to bridge over them and to limit the load supported by them.  A hole is drilled to the underside centre of the brick and subsequent masonry above and a Helibond cementitious grout and stainless steel tie are injected into the holes.

Structural Repairs in Cornwall

When the Structural Repair has been completed, in accordance with specifications received from a Qualified Structural Engineer, a Certificate of Structural Adequacy will be issued.

Structural Repairs in Cornwall

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