Over time stone and brick in Cornwall will naturally wear and start showing signs of ageing.  Natural ageing can give your brick/stonework more character and will not usually cause any problems.

If, however, moisture has been trapped within brick and stone it can start to breakdown and this is where Leslie Cornell Building Restoration Ltd can help you.

Stone Brick Repair Cornwall

Water entrapment is usually caused by ineffective and/or inappropriate cladding/pointing applications.  If this is left untreated then the brick will begin to flake and eventually fall apart and fail.

Stone and Brick Repair in Cornwall

An assessment of the brick/stonework is carried out to decide if the brick can be effectively repaired and, if so, which method of repair or replacement would be most appropriate.

Some of the methods of brick repair can be:

  1. Patching the damaged area of the brick with a filler.  The filler is made up of lime mortar mixed with brick dust to allow for a colour match.
  2. Removing the damaged area of the brick and replacing it with new brick, usually a half brick cut lengthways.  This is sealed in place using an appropriate lime mortar.

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