We, Leslie Cornell Building Restoration Ltd, always take a sympathetic approach to any restoration works on old and historic buildings in Cornwall.

In our many years of experience, one of the more common causes of damp in old walls in Cornwall is due to the non-breathable paint that has been applied to them.  To start the process of rectifying damp problems, the removal of existing inappropriate paint applications is a must.

Paint Removal in Cornwall

The removal of paint from external stone or brick walls should be carried out with care, so as not to damage the masonry it has been applied to.  This can be achieved by using readily available paint removal system/s.

Below are some of the paint removal systems that we use:

PeelAway 7 Paint Removal System – this product removes almost all types of existing paint and coating applications and it is safer and more user friendly than PeelAway 1 as it is non-caustic.  The PeelAway 7 system does not require neutralising and a new paint system can be applied within a few hours.  This product should not be used on certain types of plastics such as polycarbonates and Perspex.

Paint Removal

Schiedel (stocked at Cornish Lime Company) – this is an extensive product range to suit a wide range of paint applications.  These products are applied to painted areas as a poultice to break down the binders in the existing paint, and after approximately 24 hours can be removed with a scraper or water.

We have yet to remove existing paint applications from internal plastering, but there are products available that we would use if required to undertake this work.

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