Historic Chimneys in Cornwall are constructed from cob, stone or brick.  Due to their exposed location failings can occur and general maintenance is routinely advised.

Chimney Repairs in Cornwall

Some of the most common failings in Chimneys and Flues, both internally and externally can be caused by:

  • Weather
  • Intense heating and cooling cycles
  • Condensation
  • Inappropriate render and pointing applications
  • Water ingress
  • Inappropriate flues/flue linings

We have been engaged in many cob, brick and stone Chimney Repair projects in Cornwall and some of the more common failings we have found and the reparatory works* we have carried out include:

1. Vertical cracks in the chimney structure caused by settlement and inefficient flue linings

Chimney Repairs in Cornwall

*Installation of new flue liners, appropriate repair of the crack/s and introduction of Lime render/pointing applications

2. Leaning chimney caused by erosion of cob, stone and brick

Chimney Repairs in Cornwall

*Repair/replacement of failed cob, brick and stone and introduction of flue lining.

3. Damp caused by inappropriate render and pointing applications

Chimney Repairs in Cornwall

*Inspection of flue/flue lining and replacement if appropriate.  Introduction of Lime render/pointing applications.

4. Defective pots and flaunching

Chimney Repairs in Cornwall

*Replacement or repair of flaunching and chimney pots

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