In the Historic village of Grampound-With-Creed in Cornwall this Grade II Listed Heritage building saw us remove the existing cement render and cement/Lime pointing.

Lime render Grampound

Built of cob from first floor up and stone we carefully set out removing this impervious material.

Once the cladding was removed we could have a better understanding of the potential repairs to this heritage building. A few minor repairs we introduced with cob bricks and a Lime mortar.

Lime Render Grampound

Originally this historic building in Cornwall was three cottages and the remains of these could be seen.  Across the property there were tell tell signs that prove this. If you look at the low level stonework you can see the varying types of stones where the windows were originally placed.

Lime Render Grampound

In addition to the 3-coat Lime render we exposed high level stonework which was completely repointed using a sympathetic Lime mortar.

Lime Render Grampound

This was, for all of the team, a truly fascinating project and steeped in history.

If you require Lime rendering and would like to discuss your project, please Contact Us.

Lime Render Grampound – Lime Pointing Grampound – Building Restoration Grampound

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