Internal bag rub or brushed finishes provide a happy compromise when the internal or external stonework is not good enough to point. In some cases the bag rub/brushed finished is preferred by our clients and that is the route we take.

Lime Plaster Bag Rub Polkerris

If, for example, there are areas of paint on stonework and the client does not want it removed then this particular finish can look just as good if not better. Its flowing contours, undulations and visibility of the substrate beneath can be an aesthetically appealing option.

Lime Plaster Bag Rub Polkerris

On this project we were contacted by a Company that wanted us to assist in the restoration/renovation of The Scout Hut in Polkerris, Fowey, Cornwall. Happily, Leslie Cornell Building Restoration agreed to be a key part in its transformation.

Lime Plaster Bag Rub Polkerris

If you require a Lime bag-rub plaster in Cornwall and would like to discuss your project please Contact Us.

Lime Bag-Rub Cornwall – Hessian Sack Lime Plaster Cornwall

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