A Lime bag-rub plaster finish is used to show off a walls natural stone and undulations.  It is a happy compromise when stonework isn’t quite good enough to Lime point.

Lime Bag Rub Looe

This Lime bag-rub in Looe, Cornwall saw us remove 2 coats of cement render to expose the stonework and access the condition before a decision was made to render or re-point.

Lime Bag Rub Looe

Low level damp was visible inside the property so removal of the cement based render was essential in allowing the walls longevity and ability to breath. Once de-clad a decision was made to bag rub this elevation. As you can see from the gallery pictures below a brick doorway and beautiful granite lintel were exposed and these features were picked out.

Lime Bag Rub Looe

A 4-coat breathable Lime paint will be applied in a colour that matches the rest of the render on the property.

If you require a Lime bag-rub in Cornwall and would like to discuss your project, please Contact Us.

Lime Bag Rub Looe – Lime Bag Rub Cornwall – Lime Plaster Bag Rub Cornwall

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