Lime Applications

lime applications cornwallAs Listed Building Specialists in Cornwall, Leslie Cornell Building Restoration Ltd use as many natural materials and products as possible.

Using lime mortars on listed buildings in Cornwall transforms old buildings back to their former glory. Our experience and knowledge of building with lime mortar in Cornwall has allowed us to work on beautiful and fascinating projects that we take great pride in.

Please have a look at the variations of lime applications we provide and Listed Building Specialist Services in Cornwall


Lime Plastering Cornwall Internal Lime Plastering in Cornwall has many benefits. Cornwall can be a damp place to live and if a non-breathable cladding is present, moisture can be difficult to limit or eradicate.

The composition of Lime plaster is appropriate ratios of sand, water and Lime. Whilst it sets up to an extremely hard and solid mass, it is also a naturally breathable building material and is very flexible. Lime plaster is not affected by water so will not soften or dissolve, enabling the Cob, stone or brick wall to stand the test of time.

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Lath and Plastering in Cornwall

From the early 18th to the mid-20th Century, Lath and Plaster was traditionally used to finish interior walls and ceilings.

This method can still be found today in Historic Buildings in Cornwall, and Leslie Cornell Building Restoration Ltd are specialists in the maintenance of this building technique.

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Lime Pointing Cornwall 1aLime pointing in Cornwall on historic buildings is a subtle, yet long lasting Lime application that enhances the beauty of the stonework and maintains the breathability of the structure. 

A Lime pointing application is introduced to act as a bedding between the stones or bricks.  It is a breathable application that will prevent moisture penetration into the joints by allowing the wall to breath and drain.  Lime is also a flexible application that allows the movement and settlement of a building.

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Lime Rendering Cornwall

Our Lime Rendering Services on historic buildings in Cornwall provide protection form the elements and are a breathable application for existing substrates.

As a rule, we do encourage keeping existing stonework exposed and having Lime re-pointing undertaken, but in some cases a 3-coat Lime render in Cornwall is required.

The stages of Lime application for a Lime render is similar to a Lime plaster.


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Lime Painting CornwallTo assist with maintaining the breathability and appearance of Historic Buildings and Boundary walls in Cornwall, Leslie Cornell Building Restoration Ltd recommends and promotes the use of Lime Paint Systems.

With our experience of historic buildings in Cornwall and knowledge of breathable paints, we can assist and advise on the best paint systems from Beeck Mineral and St Astier.


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Lime Washing in Cornwall

Traditionally lime wash, despite its impurities, would have been applied to bare sub-strate.

Its brilliant whiteness in today's applications was not always achieved and many Lime wash paints were off-white in colour.

Natural pigments were, and are, introduced and there is evidence of specific hues to certain counties.

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Lime Bag Rub Cornwall

Our Lime bag-rub services on historic buildings in Cornwall are an effective application if the integrity of your stonework has been lost, but you want to maintain the appearance of the stone.

A Lime bag-rub application, both internally and externally, covers the stone and fills the joints of the stonework to achieve a sympathetic and decorative finish.


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