Eco Friendly Insulation Closer

During a recent small renovation at an Old Cob and Stone Built Cottage in Cornwall we discovered some very old but, to use a very modern term, very eco-friendly insulation in the ceiling.

It had certainly stood the test of time and we believe that it is probably from the turn of last century making it over 100 years old.  It was used both as insulation and noise reduction between the lounge/drawing room and the bedroom upstairs.

This just shows how sustainable building materials are tough and long lasting. It may seem, to us in modern times, that straw would soon go bad and become useless but it doesn’t. This is why it is considered ‘sustainable’ and of course because it comes from the land and will go back to the land it is considered eco-friendly too.  We wouldn’t mind betting that the homeowners never thought that a bit of straw insulation would have been keeping the chill out for over 100 years!

Eco Friendly Insulation

It is finds like this that makes this job great!  It is like looking through a window right into our past.

It will be replaced with a specially treated material that it is fireproof and complies with building regulation standards.

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