Cob is an amazing building medium. If properly maintained Cob Walls in Cornwall can last for centuries, and this is where Leslie Cornell Building Restoration Ltd can help you.

A fundamental aspect to repairing a cob wall is to identify the reasons as to why the repair is needed, as the underlying issue needs to be rectified prior to a repair being carried out.

Cob Repair Cornwall Cob Repair Cornwall

In our experience, the most common causes for the need to repair a cob wall are:

Water Penetration:

Failed Cladding:

Failed Roof Timbers:




Cob Repair Cornwall Cob Repair Cornwall

There are different ways to repair a Cob Wall in Cornwall and these depend on the nature of the problem. Please have a look at our Cob Repairs Website page for more information.

We believe in a sympathetic approach to repairing Cob Buildings in Cornwall as they form a very important part of our historic-built heritage.

If you have a Cob Repair in Cornwall project that you would like to discuss, please Contact Us.

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