Cob is an amazing building medium. If properly maintained Cob Walls in Cornwall can last for centuries, and this is where Leslie Cornell Building Restoration Ltd can help you.

A fundamental aspect to repairing a cob wall is to identify the reasons as to why the repair is needed, as the underlying issue needs to be rectified prior to a repair being carried out.

Cob Repair Cornwall Cob Repair Cornwall

In our experience, the most common causes for the need to repair a cob wall are:

Water Penetration:

  • Inadequate weather protection at the top of the wall allowing water penetration, causing erosion and de-stabilisation
  • The build-up, over time, of ground levels preventing plinths from drying out and causing walls to become saturated
  • Vegetation growing on the wall preventing it from drying out

Failed Cladding:

  • Cement renders and modern impervious paint applications preventing breathability, causing the wall to contain an unmanageable amount of moisture and can, in some instances, cause damp and even partial collapse

Failed Roof Timbers:

  • Defective roofing timbers causing walls to lean outwards or develop major cracks


  • Subsidence, erosion or softening of the supporting soil, causing damage or cracking to walls


  • Bees boring into the wall, causing slow weakening to the mass of the wall


  • Rat tunnels and nesting chambers within the wall, causing it to fail

Cob Repair Cornwall Cob Repair Cornwall

There are different ways to repair a Cob Wall in Cornwall and these depend on the nature of the problem. Please have a look at our Cob Repairs Website page for more information.

We believe in a sympathetic approach to repairing Cob Buildings in Cornwall as they form a very important part of our historic-built heritage.

If you have a Cob Repair in Cornwall project that you would like to discuss, please Contact Us.

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