Lime render was traditionally applied to walls that were built with poor quality stone/brick or Cob for protection against the elements.

Lime Render Cornwall

It is a breathable material that acts like a sponge, absorbing moisture then allowing it to evaporate rather than soak into the wall.

Lime render is usually applied in 3 coats.  The first being a scratch coat, to fill any holes and level out some of the uneveness, with the next 2 coats being added to give a flatter surface.

Lime Render  Cornwall

During the drying-out process newly applied Lime render must not be allowed to dry rapidly.  It needs to be kept slightly damp, but at the same time air must be able to circulate around it.  This can be achieved by protecting the walls with a hessian covering.

Once the newly applied Lime render has been left to dry for an appropriate time, a breathable or mineral paint system can be applied if required.

Lime Render Cornwall

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