If the integrity of your stonework has been lost but you want to maintain the appearance of the stone, you might like to consider using a Lime Bag-Rub.

Lime Bag Rub 1

A Lime Bag-Rub covers the stone and fills the joints of the stonework, whilst achieving a sympathetic and decorative finish.

Lime Bag Rub 4

Before a Lime Bag-Rub can take place the joints between the stones need to be relieved of the existing pointing and thoroughly cleaned. The application process can then be started by working the Lime mortar well into the joints, and when the mortar starts to cure it is rubbed with hessian. To eliminate any shrinkage that may occur, the rubbing process is repeated when the Lime mortar has started to go off.

Lime Bag Rub 2

Once the Lime Bag-Rub process is complete, an appropriate ‘drying out’ period is required to obtain optimum adhesion and prevent application failure. The application needs to be protected from the weather and this is done by setting up Hessian Protection. Using this method ensures adequate airflow and maintains an ambient surface temperature, whilst keeping out the worst of the elements. However, if these works are being carried out in warm weather the Lime Bag-Rub will need to be damped down. The hessian is then removed when the ‘drying out’ period is complete.

If required, following the Lime Bag-Rub application, a finishing coat of Lime Wash, Lime Paint or Mineral Paint can be applied.

Lime Bag Rub 3

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