External vegetation can enhance the appearance and character of historic buildings, but certain species can cause direct and indirect damage to materials and elements of the construction.

Historic Walls and Ivy 3

One species of external vegetation is ivy and it has both bad and good points; it can push between voids in the wall causing displacement of bricks and stones, but if a wall is collapsing ivy can help to hold it up until it is repaired.

Suckers and tendrils can cause damage to surface features and leave a pattern of marks when removed.

Historic Walls and Ivy 7

Rainwater goods may become blocked and extensive growth can force gutters and other fixtures away from the walls.

Historic Walls and Ivy 2

Extensive growth will give a shading effect and this may also reduce moisture evaporation from wall surfaces, causing damp issues.

Here, at Leslie Cornell Building Restoration Ltd we can offer advice on whether ivy is having a detrimental effect on your historic walls. If you need our advice, please Contact Us.

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