You are builders, right? Yes, you are correct. In technical terms we are ‘builders’, however, we see ourselves as much more than that.

We, Leslie Cornell Building Restoration Ltd, have general building skills just like all other builders. We can build walls, tile backsplashes and dig holes but we also have some very special skills that not all builders have.

We are committed to preserving the Heritage and History of older properties in Cornwall, staying true to the way they were originally built, saving those most precious and undertaking ancient building methods to maintain them for future generations.

Historic Building Services Cornwall

We will always advise you on the best way to Conserve and take care of your old property in Cornwall in a way that compliments the original building approach and helps make the building work for you.

For example, we come across many cases of Damp in Old and Historic Properties in Cornwall and our approach is not always the easiest. We would not necessarily advise you to go for a modern chemical damp proofing  method as this can sometimes ‘suffocate’ your old property causing condensation to build up inside the walls and rooms and make the damp worse. We have heard of many cases where the chemical damp proofing has had to be removed and more traditional damp limitation measures established, essentially costing the homeowner twice as much.

Historic Building Services Cornwall

We have seen plenty of properties that have been re-rendered in cement or pebble dashed in Cornwall during the 1970’s ‘modern’ times when stone and lime were not in fashion. Again, effectively sealing the property to such a degree that the old Cob walls or Lime render is unable to do its job effectively and the damp inside the building becomes intolerable.

We are not saying that your local builder does not know what he is doing and that the advice he gives is wrong, but we know old buildings in Cornwall. We know how they have been constructed, we know their make-up, we know and love their beauty and we know and accept their flaws.

Another recent example that we have come across in building works being carried out by unqualified people, was in a little old Cottage near Hayle in Cornwall. A crack had appeared above a small window in the property and on further inspection we found that the window had no lintel! The whole weight of that wall was resting on a little wooden window frame. It was almost certainly the work of the homeowners or tenants at some point and we believe that it was likely to have been installed by the occupiers in or just after 1851 when the much-hated window tax was repealed. It is likely that the occupiers decided they wanted a window in the bedroom, so they literally cut a hole and popped in a window! The issue has now been rectified, new lintels have been introduced, the Cob has been repaired and the Lime plaster and Lime render has been replaced. Now it looks as good as new (and probably better than the original)!

Historic Building Services Cornwall

Our speciality is ancient building techniques, Cob and Lime. We have a broad knowledge of Cob and Lime applications and the team here have combined experience in excess of 40 years. Our knowledge base is extensive however, we do not claim to know everything. Ancient building techniques are so wide ranging that we are learning new things all the time.

We are able to provide thorough reports, architectural drawings, planning advice/applications and Listed Building guidance, full building restoration, Cob repairs/rebuilds in Cornwall and all manner of Lime applications from pointing to rendering to plastering in Cornwall, we can do it all. And we a very good at it too – please have a look at our Customer Testimonials.

If you have a Restoration in Cornwall, Historic Repairs in Cornwall or Historic Building Works in Cornwall project you would like to discuss, please Contact Us.

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